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How It Works

On a Table or Desk
In a Chair
In Bed
With Different Books
With Magazines

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A Brief History
of Reading

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Free Your Hands!

Read Comfortably for Hours in Your Favorite Chair!

Unchain your hands!

The BookGem relaxes with you almost anywhere. It goes instantly from the table top to the recliner to
the couch . . . 

A Breakthrough in Reading Technology!

Comfy places Where People Love to Sit with a BookGem

easy chairs


some people all their couches davenports

airline seats

subway seats


cushy leather chairs with ottomans

rickety old chairs with milk crates

bean bag chairs

butterfly chairs

deck chairs

folding aluminum chairs

park benches

bus stops


well, stools maybe not so much

Get Yours Now!

The World's Best Little Book HolderTM

follows you just about anywhere!Stretch out with it - just fold one of the support legs in and use a little throw pillow to set it at various angles.

Stop reading when
you get tired of

not because you're tired of

holding the book.

And, for all you new BookGem users, try to remember: you can't just read all the time, not matter how comfortable it is. Go for a walk or something once in a while.

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