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Using the BookGem

The BookGem is simple to use. First, you open it up and clip it to either the top or bottom of an open book. 

Then, as you read along, you can easily turn pages, securing them with the spring-loaded page clips.  

Here is a step by step guide.

Attaching the BookGem to a Book

Open the right and left rear legs
1. Open the two rear support legs.

They snap into the open position for stability. The tips are covered with soft rubber to make them stable on any surface.

Lift the door open with a fingertip
2. Open the book rest (thumb lever.) 

This is the hinged door with the label on the front. The thumb levers are there so that you can lifting a page clip using just one hand. This makes turning pages easy. (More on this below.)

Grasp each page clip and lift

3. Open the two page clips.

They are spring loaded. Don't worry if you can't reach them both at the same time -- Just open one with your fingers until you can reach the other with your thumb.

Hold the page clips open while you . . .

Open a book to the page desired and clip on the BookGem
4. Insert a book and release the page clips. 

Remember, the BookGem can be clipped to either the top or the bottom of a book, depending on the reading angle you want and where you will be reading. 

Hold a book open flat at the page desired.

It might be easiest at first to put the open book down flat on a table, with with the top (or bottom) of the book hanging over the edge. This makes it easy to clip the BookGem to the book.

The soft green rubber on the page clip tips keep the pages from slipping, while the large rubber pads on the body face help grab the cover of the book. 

You may need to adjust the book's position slightly to center it with the BookGem. You can do this easily by lifting each page clip just enough to slide the book around. 

The spine of the book should rest in the central channel left by the book rest/thumb lever. 

Now you may set the BookGem and book on a table top, or in some other position. Congratulations! You can now read hands-free!

You can choose to clip the BookGem to the bottom or to the top of the book. For reading in bed, you will probably want to clip it to the top of the book. For other reading positions, either the top or bottom may work best depending on the reading angle you want and the size of the book. 

For hardbound books with paper covers, it is best to remove the paper cover while using the BookGem.

See these other pages on using the BookGem . . .

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Turning Pages

Turning pages is easy. Even if you feel clumsy at first, you will get the hang of it quickly. It works the same basic way whether the BookGem is clipped to the top or the bottom of the book:

Just lift the page clip slightly to release a page

1. Lift the right-hand page clip just enough to slip a page out.  You can see how the book rest (with the label) helps your fingers grasp the page clips.

Hint: Pull out 15 or 20 pages in advance. This makes page turning faster -- you will not have to lift the right-hand clip every time you turn a page.

For most books, these "advance" pages will just naturally stay over on the right-hand side until you wish to turn one. If they pop up a little, try slipping these pages into the special page slot of the right-hand page clip (below.)
Slots help hold individual pages with having to lift the page clip
Note the special
page clip slots.

In addition to holding "advance" pages, these slots also help hold magazines (using a book as a back rest) as well as loose-leaf pages for copy work, typing at a computer, etc. This is fully explained on the Magazines page, which you may want to see later.

Turning a page

2. Flip a page. When you finish reading a page, just turn it as usual. 

In this photo and the one below, 15 "advance" pages have been inserted into the slot in the right-hand page clip.

The book rest-thumb lever helps in lifing a page clip
3. Lift the left-hand page clip and tuck the page behind the rubber tip.  Because the page has been resting on the other side for quite some time, it will tend to spring back to that side, so it will probably be necessary to tuck each turned page behind the spring-loaded clip.

Page turning in the Low position
Page turning is very similar in the "Low" position. With the BookGem clipped to the bottom of the book, the page clips, thumb lever, and page slots all work in the same fashion as above.

Further Guidelines -

Can I just turn the page and rest it in the left-hand page slot?  Because the page has been resting on the right side for quite some time, it will tend to spring back to that side after being turned. So, it will probably be necessary to tuck each turned page behind the spring-loaded clip after turning.

What do I do with the BookGem when I travel?  One great way to travel with BookGem is to just leave it attached to the open book. Simply fold in the rear support legs and put the whole thing in your book bag or carry-on. No bookmark necessary.  This works well with smaller books. If the open book is too large, you can move the BookGem from the top or bottom around to the side, still clipped to the correct page of the closed book to securely keep your place.

How big a book can I use with the BookGem?  Because the BookGem has been designed to be extremely small and portable when folded, it is does get overwhelmed by really large books like larger college textbooks, dictionaries, etc. We do not recommend it for such large books. We intend to introduce a larger model of BookGem to hold larger books more securely, depending on customer response.

What is it made of ? Is it sturdy?   The BookGem is made predominantly of ABS plastic, which is what "unbreakable" combs are made of. It has been fully engineered not to fail in ordinary use. However, nothing is truly unbreakable -- it comes with a full one-year warranty against defects. If it should fail in any way PLEASE DO send it back for a replacement. A satisfied customer is the only kind we want. (See the order page for product warranty and customer service.)

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