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Welcome to the Home of the BookGem

Hands-Free Reading!

Welcome to the home of the amazing new BookGem®

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The pocket reading stand that holds your book open, in a variety of comfortable reading positions.

There's never been anything like it! Twin spring-loaded clips hold the book securely, yet open easily so you can turn pages.

Folding legs make it versatile - use it at a desk, in your lap - even tilted over on a pillow for relaxing reading in bed!

 Why a book stand? Just think about it -
Every hour you spend reading,
              you spend holding the book.

Usually with both hands.

Reading as you've 
always known it . . .
Spring yourself with a BookGem! . . . might as well
        wear handcuffs

Free Your Hands!
A  Recent Email

March 26, 2001


I purchased a BookGem yesterday at Powell's Bookstore (Portland, OR) after browsing its packaging for several skeptical minutes.

Well, you already knew I'd love BookGem and I do. The plane ride home was all it took. I was reading, eating and drinking with ergonomic ease I never though possible, particularly in Economy. BookGem is thoughtfully designed, solidly built, and a must have for travelers and the reading/eating class.

. . . Thanks again for a great product,

Ed Rosen
San Francisco, CA

(Thanks, Ed, for letting us print your letter.)

Free Your Hands!
Books That Love the BookGem

hardback novels
computer manuals
repair manuals
reference books
great literature
pulp fiction
books you have to finish before class
poetry journals
trashy romance novels
coffee table books
books you want
other people to
think you're reading
books you just
can't put down
(well actually, now you can)

Relax You Reading!
People Who Love the BookGem

lunchtime readers
voracious readers
occasional readers young readers
old readers
book lovers
left-handed people right-handed people
people who are
all thumbs
speed readers
readers who like to savor each and every word like a fine wine
readers who like to read and drink wine
people who get tired of holding the stupid book up the whole darn time

A Breakthrough in Reading Technology!
Places Where People Love the BookGem

easy chairs
kitchen tables
airplane seat trays computer stations
dorm rooms
home offices
the library
the back yard
the front porch
the beach
by the pool

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"BookGem" and the book-and-gemstone logo are registered trademarks of BookGem.
"The World's Best Little Book Holder" is a trademark of BookGem

U.S. Patent No.6,068,299
Worldwide patents pending

It's Time To Cast Off Your Shackles and Read Free!
You've probably never experienced the sheer relief of reading without having your hands glued to the book. It's a liberating feeling. 

Clipped to the bottom of a book, the BookGem makes it possible.

Or flip it over and attach it to the top of the book for a more inclined reading angle. Whether it's a fat paperback or a nice hardbound book, the BookGem frees your hands from the constant chore of holding the book up and the pages open.

Works great in an easy chair. Or take it with you - on the train, to the library, to the beach. It's great for those long airplane flights - your book sits perfectly on a tray table.

Toss it in your travel bag
or even your pocket

about the size of an eyeglass case!
This ingeniously simple little wonder folds up flat, much like a pair of glasses. (It will even fit into many eyeglass cases!)

Slip it into your pocket or purse, or clip it to the side of your book as a bookmark - folded, it's only 5-1/2" by 2-1/2" and a mere 1/2" thick. But, even though it's pretty small, the BookGem is more versatile than any other bookstand ever available, no matter how big and expensive. 

The BookGem can make your reading more comfortable and enjoyable, no matter where you like to read.
How about  reading in bed? Isn't it awkward, having to constantly hold the book up where you can see it? Either your wrists get cramped or your arms get tired or your neck starts to ache. After about ten minutes of this juggling act, you'll probably just want to give up and go to sleep. Sound familiar? 
Use a pillow and get just about any angle!No more! The amazing versatility of this little "gem" of a book holder will enable you to read comfortably lying on your side, resting comfortably on a pillow. Just fold up one of the rear legs and set it on an extra pillow to get the angle you prefer. Don't worry, the pages will stay open even if you and your thumbs fall asleep! Go ahead and doze - when you open your eyes again you may be surprised to see the book sitting there, just where you left off.
Use it for a while and we think you'll find yourself saying what we hear all the time - 

          Why didn't someone 

    think of this before!
  • Designed by innovative sculptor Eric Peltzer 
  • Made 100% in USA 
  • Incredibly durable ABS plastic 
  • Thirty Sixty day no-risk guarantee
  • LIFETIME Warranty

Try One 

            - Your thumbs will thank you! 


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